Magic Cruises and Tours

Representing over 185 years of experience!
Magic Cruises & Tours is a nationally recognized, award-winning leisure travel agency representing a wide array of cruise lines (of all shapes and sizes) plus a variety of land tours and all-inclusive resorts. Family-owned since 1988, our agency is operated with a staff of highly trained and experienced, professionals. This level of commitment enables us to best serve you, as we have been aboard most of the ships and explored many of the destinations first hand!
As one of the top agencies in the country, Magic Cruises & Tours provides maximum value, as well as knowledgeable, friendly service to thousands of customers across the country every year. Be assured, no matter what your vacation needs, Magic can help you select the perfect ship, tour or resort to make your vacation dreams come true! Climb aboard… and then you’ll know why they call us “MAGIC!”

Patti Cash, Owner

Ever since my mom and I started MAGIC back in 1988, we directed all our efforts into making it the best travel agency on the planet! I am truly grateful for our staff, for our clients and for all those partners we work with to make the Magic happen—it takes a lot of teamwork! There are so many amazing destinations to experience in this big wide-world and we look forward to helping make your travel dreams come true. Life is short, live it!

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Shelley Franks

I’ve been a travel professional since 1985 (I was 12 when I started) and love sending guests on vacations! Alaska is one of my favorite destinations with the beautiful scenery & wildlife– I love the sled dog tours!

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Marcia Forsee

For the past 20+ years, I have been coordinating many group trips as well as helping families & friends with vacations. Working in the Group Department at MAGIC allows me to focus on the details required to help ensure “smooth sailing” from beginning to end! Whether you have a family reunion, church group, corporate incentive or just want to join in one of our group trips, I’m here to help!

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Jaime Seachrist

I have been helping families make vacation memories since the 90’s. Cruises of all shapes and sizes are my thing because being on the water is where all of the “Magic” happens! Traveling to Greece with my Dad and the French Riviera with Mom will be cherished memories for me, forever.

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Lisa Fisher

While I’m no longer an active selling agent, I get to work with our amazing staff and delightful clients to help keep the ship running smoothly!

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Janis Frankenberg

Since June 2001, I have embraced the wonderful world of travel! Over the years, I have enjoyed traveling to many different destinations and experienced various means of travel which allows me to help our guests create the most suitable and satisfying trip designed with your needs and priorities in mind!

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Cindy Duffy

Having been on several River Cruises, I can say there is no better way to experience the world! There are so many nice itineraries in Europe, Russia and Asia on these intimate river vessels. “Take the trip, make the memories-It will change your life!”

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Sophia Howard

As my very first job, I began working at MAGIC during college and I got bit by the “cruise bug” and decided to stay! Every day I learn more about this amazing travel industry and I get to assist the agents and our clients with all the details. There is never a dull moment in the land of MAGIC and I’m glad to be a part of it all!

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Kate Black

I have been with MAGIC since August 2017, and I try to bring a fresh new energy to travel planning. I love planning vacations in the Caribbean, and working with some of our group trips. While I’ve had some amazing vacations, one of my favorite trips is probably the cruise to the Bahamas I took with my grandmother as a short girl’s trip.

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Lisa Stephens

I love helping people see Europe—if you have a desire to go, I can put together a memorable vacation for you! I have helped people travel to their ancestral communities or created fabulous getaways for guests wanting to experience the culture, people and incredible history Europe has to offer. Whether it’s a cruise or land based tour, give me a call to help you plan that trip of a lifetime!

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